Wadi Hitan

Eocene of Egypt

Sequence stratigraphy and stratigraphic paleobiology in the Bartonian-Priabonian of Wadi al-Hitan, in collaboration with Philip Gingerich, Univ. of Michigan. Some of this work is described in Peters et al. (2009) Palaios, in Peters et al. (2010) Geology, and in Gingerich et al (2012) Geology.

Bob Marshall

Cambrian of Montana

Carbonate sedimentology, chemostratigraphy, and sequence stratigraphy of the Sauk Sequence (mostly Drumian) in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of NW Montana. Aspects of this work are described in Tim Foltz's Masters thesis and in this GSA Abstract.


Carbonate cement geochemistry

Ben Barnes, former M.S. student, characterized the composition and stable isotope geochemistry of carbonate disseminated in the Bakken Formation. The goal was to develop a formation-scale estimate of the mass and composition of this potentially volumetrically significant and isotopically distinct carbonate sink. Sampling was done at the USGS core lab. This work has now been published in Sedimentology.